Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shroom Season!♥♥

Yay finally an update! I've been away from my beloved computer for awhile, but now im back! So today I listed some items in my etsy shop, pink & red mushroom charms!Also a littleplush poptart hair clip! :D Go check'em out buddy. Nothing at all has really happened,Zach is at his Fathers for a month for getting arrested :x! Bad! I'm gonna miss him.OH! OH! I got an ADORABLE new dress in the mail today from Beijing, China!^^I'll post a picture of it on my flickr later ;D hehe. Toodles!



Justine said...

Those are so adorable!


Curtis Collectables :) said...

I love your stuff. So cute.

Mellz said...

i love mushrooms. SO CUTE!