Monday, August 24, 2009

New Item: STICKERS! + Support Another Artist

So yesterday I went crazy making stickers! So I decided why not put some cute little stickers in my shop? :) My new characters are Ice & Creem. Two little ice-cream cone lovers! Their flavors are Blueberry & Strawberry Cream. Set of 4 stickers listed on my etsy for $3! Anyways, ENOUGH ABOUT ME! This week on my Deviantart (iPika) I am supporting another artist! That would be Cookiethemonster. She has such cute chibi drawings and her own version of Edward from Twilight! She is a book fan though, not really the movie! Check out her version of Edward here(clicky clicky!)! Anyways im off to dine out at the great El Picante mexican restaurant. Their nachos = OHHH MY GAWD! I always get a nachos jim, its cheese,chicken, and nachos! The chicken is just..SO GOOD! It all melts in your mouth! > w Okay im done drooling,




cabin + cub said...

Awww.. so cute! That's the expression I get when I get when I eat icecream too fast... brain freeze! ;)

Piggy said...

That's super cute... Love your kawaii blog :D

Lauren said...

Very cute blog! Love all the items you have posted.