Thursday, September 3, 2009

Contest winner + Updates!

Woohoo! I'm going to announce the winner of the earrings! ;D
There were seven of you who entered, and I picked randomly
from a hat! AAAAAAAAND the winner is SpookyTea! Woot! Congratulations
Kelsey! :D Those of you who entered and didn't win don't worry, I will
be having more contest soon!♥♥ So this week i've started my old hobby of
pixeling, and i am just addicted. I decided to make a ghosty!

So what do you think? :D I know he isn't animated, but he will be!
I'm making a collection of free avatars on my deviant art:
I really hope I won't get any art thieves claiming my work as their own,
but I don't mind if you use them on any websites!<3>
Thanks for reading guys!^_^


PS: Any critiques on my pixels & any other works are appreciated :)

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